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Im sorry but the way i see it is, the majority of the human race is stuck in a false since of reality. people walk around not observing their surroundings or even what they themselves are doing at that very moment. the only thing that most people pay any attention to is media. im not just talking about fox, msnbc, or cnn but media in general. i say this because of what i observe everyday. i see people at red lights endulging in their fancy coffee and their fancy cars while a fellow HUMAN is outside their window asking for some spare change and all they can do is lock the doors or try not to make eye contact. if i had my way and i could break myself completely away from society and be who i really want to be, i would join the homeless because thats the only way to truely be free. we were not created to live our lives with the sole purpose of becoming our own gods! we were created to spread love and compassion! when will people stop living for themselves and begin living for others? probably not anytime soon; and do you know why? because people keep putting their faith in something other than god....mostly the gov or our lying pres or better yet, themselves. most christians dont even have a grasp of reality or how to live. they judge and are filled with greed! i dont blame most people for not being christian cause when i turn on the tv and all i see is TBN asking for a large sum of money so they can bless you with their fucking prayers! praying is free of charge and better yet its not to bring you wealth or anything that most people want. you should pray to thank god for the ability to say his name. he created you and the whole universe! think about it! if you took more time to observe the world and i mean truely observe you would see god everywhere you look. Look and how the sun illuminates the highlights of the person next to you. how it illuminates their features, creating the contours of their body. or how the wind rushes through the trees and it creates music and peace. close your eyes and just focus on the wind and notice how the whole world comes to a complete stop. THAT IS GOD! there is so much beauty around us but yet we choose to stay indoors and watch the fucking news just to hear about the ugly's of the world. what if we just found beauty in everthing? what if we started helping and loving everyone? what if we lived in reality? society has you so fucked up that you cant even see that you need help. i need help but noone cares!